Pancer, Ethan; Anna Ferguson and Maxwell Poole (2017), “East Coast Lifestyle: Expanding a Regional Apparel Brand” Harvard Business Review.

Case Study

In its first three years, East Coast Lifestyle, a Nova Scotia-based apparel company and one of Canada’s fastest-growing business ventures, sold more than 500,000 products and received plenty of publicity from celebrities who wore its gear. To continue its substantial growth, the company needed a market that offered room for expansion. In early 2017, the 25-year-old chief executive officer faced several options, including developing the company’s Canadian brand portfolio with West Coast Lifestyle; expanding its main brand, East Coast Lifestyle, into the United States; and licensing the brand abroad. The real question was which strategy to pursue, and more importantly, how to implement the chosen strategy and roll it out. Ethan Pancer is affiliated with Saint Mary’s University.

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